Schwarzenegger Promises to Model California After Texas

If I hadn't heard him say it with my own ears, I wouldn't believe it. It's funny, but I remember often hearing the word "Californication" when I lived in Texas, referring to the influx of people from the West Coast during the economic boom. Now we have a bodybuilder Republican from Austria who thinks that Texas does a good job of serving the public interest. Only the most ignorant Californians could listen to this comment without gagging.

SCHWARZENEGGER: I am for Prop. 53. I think it's a good beginning. But the fact of the matter is that we need a lot of infrastructures in California. Infrastructure with highways and with the transportation, railroads. Infrastructure with our water supply, infrastructure with our ports. We need that. We should model ourselves after Texas. In Texas, they have committed $140 billion for infrastructure (unintelligible) with building 4,000 miles of transportation -- railways, freeways, highways and all those kind of things. They have already taken the position where we were first in export -- now it's Texas, the first in export. Because they are really aggressive. That's what California ought to do.

Sounds to me like someone has been listening to Karl Rove.