We are better than They are

We understand that none of us asked to be here. That we, as members of a society, have a responsibility to each other, and the fact that some of us were born to parents who were better situated financially does not preclude the responsibility we have to each other.

We believe that manatees have a right to live in fresh water even though we can’t eat them.

It bothers us that 60% of the U.S. population is overweight while much of the rest of the world is facing starvation.

We know the earth cannot support our standard of living and that we can not raise the rest of the world to that level. It is not possible.

We know that most of our clothing is produced in sweat shops. We know there were slaves in America and that much of our economic growth was driven by slave labor. We also know that hemp could be a suitable fiber for fabric and paper, that its use could curb the deforestation of America, and that its cultivation could be a viable replacement crop for tobacco farmers in America.

We believe that everyone has a right to affordable housing.

We believe that everyone has a right to a good education. Free public education. Paid for by the government. If some of us want to pay for private education, they should be able to. But that should not free them from the obligation to help provide for the good education of the rest of our child citizens.

We understand that They are not helping our sense of security through Their fear mongering. We know They are trying to decrease our sense of security so that we will turn to Them for protection.

We are the good guys. We and the whole world have thought so for a long time. Good guys don’t strike first. We cease to be the good guys when we strike first.

We know that cars burn oil by-products that result in pollution that makes the air less healthy and is degrading the environment. We know this and acknowledge it. We don’t gloss over this fact the way They do.

We want to live in a democracy. We don’t want or believe in a constitutional republic like They do.

We know that Karl Rove is the puppeteer and that he is lying. Always.