It's time for.... Jeopardy!
Dubya Jeopardy, that is

Not that you'll see it on TV anytime soon, but Buzzflash has a cute version of the popular game show called Dubya Jeopardy.

Under the category "Funny Money" you'll find this answer:

A: In 1992, the FBI investigated accusations that James R. Bath "guided money to Houston from Saudi investors who wanted to influence U.S. policy under the Reagan and Bush administrations" -- with many speculating that the funding for George W. Bush's Arbusto Energy came through Bath from his man.
Q: Who is Salem bin Laden?

The links supporting this question are "Feds Looked Into G.W. Bush-Bin Laden Connection In '92" and "QUESTIONABLE TIES Tracking bin Laden's money flow leads back to Midland, Texas"

Here's one they left off, which ties it all together rather nicely:
On the Photocopy of George W. Bush military suspension document (embedded gif), check out the name in paragraph 7 (Bush is in paragraph 6).
Same AF Base
Same suspension
Same reason
Same guy