Can we agree that Howard Dean is the Democratic Frontrunner now?

The media seems reluctant to call Howard Dean the frontrunner, but the covers of Time and Newsweek this week say as much.

The Newsweek article mentions that some Republicans are giving money to the Dean campaign because they feel he will be easy to beat. Great! We'll need all the money we can get to beat the corporate-sponsored Bush Team, which has now raised its stated fundraising goal from $200 to $250 million. Whoever says that money can't buy political power isn't paying attention. Certainly Bush & Co wouldn't be raising so much money if they didn't feel like they had to in order to stay in power.

I'm reminded of a quote by John Dewey: ""The government [or politics] is but the shadow cast upon society by big business." And that is more true with the Bush administration than it has ever been with any other. Thanks to Bush & Co, big business now casts a very long shadow on our country. Howard Dean understands that millions of Americans are eager to step out into the sunlight.