"Thank you, your Honor. The prosecution would also like to insist that the defense defend their client NOT by attempting to dismiss the evidence, but rather by attempting to refute it.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, in any criminal investigation, we look for two things - motive and opportunity. Did the suspect stand to gain from and was the suspect in the position to carry out the crime? The prosecution will show THROUGH A PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE, that George Bush and several accomplices possessed both the motive and the opportunity to commit these crimes."

The facts in this case are as follows:

FACT: In 1972, George Bush deserted the Texas Air National Guard. His accomplice in this desertion was a man named James Bath.
FACT: James Bath represented the interests of the bin Laden family, helping them invest in George Bush's oil company, Harken.
FACT: George Bush illegally sold his stock in Harken (while on the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee) and failed to report the sale for 10 months, prompting an investigation by the SEC.
FACT: A lawyer named Robert Jordan represented Bush in this investigation by the SEC, which, despite the fact that Bush Sr. was then Vice President, did not exonerate him.
FACT: Robert Jordan was appointed by Bush to be US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia at the time of the attacks of September 11.
FACT: Robert Jordan, Bush's personal lawyer, is now representing the Saudi Royal family AGAINST the families of the victims of 9/11.
FACT: James Baker was Secretary of the Treasury during the Iran/Contra scandal as well as former Secretary of State. He is currently a senior advisor to the Carlyle Group.
FACT: James Baker represented Bush in the Supreme Court case after the election scandal of 2000, which ultimately allowed Bush to become President.
FACT: James Baker spent September 11 with members of the bin Laden family, and then helped facilitate their exodus from the U.S. after the attacks, allowing them to avoid questioning by the FBI.
FACT: James Baker is now representing the Saudi Royal family against the families of the the victims of 9/11 along with Robert Jordan.
FACT: Members of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) expressed their desire to have a pre-emptive military role in the affairs of the Middle East. Critical to this initiative was "a Pearl Harbor-like catastrophe". These members included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Jeb Bush.
FACT: Donald Rumsfeld delivered weapons of mass destruction to Saddam Husein and was instrumental in the sale of a nuclear reactor to North Korea.
FACT: Members of the PNAC were in the Bush administration at the time of the attacks and used the catastrophe as justification for pre-emptive military action in Iraq.
FACT: George Bush and his administration knew what attacks were being planned and when they were going to occur.
FACT: Marvin Bush, George Bush's brother, was responsible for the security of the World Trade Center, Dulles Airport, and United Airlines, all key players in the terrorist attacks.
FACT: After the attacks, Dick Cheney warned Congress NOT to investigate the attacks, promising future attacks if they did.
FACT: The administration has grossly underfunded the investigation of these attacks, effectively hampering any discovery of truth. In fact, the Republicans spent 20 times as much money investigating Bill Clinton as they have spent investigating the worst intelligence failure and the worst attack in US history ($60 million Vs. $3 million).
FACT: The administration has used the fear engendered by the attacks to consolidate executive power, coerce Congress to enact their extreme right-wing agenda, and to suppress any hint of criticism of Bush or his agenda.

The evidence shows that George Bush had incentive, motive, opportunity, and resources to perpetrate the terrorist attacks of September 11. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the facts, and the facts are indisputable.