MoveOn.Org Interviews Democratic Presidential Candidates

See their responses on a variety of topics. The site has links to each candidate's letter to MoveOn, as well as links to their campaign site.


*  Peace (war, preemptive stikes)  *  Freedom (Patriot Act I and II, Ashcroft, Poindexter)  *  How to overcome the population's Bush-soma induced stupor  *  Truth  *  The role of government in social support systems  *  Energy  *  Environment


*  Braun  *  Dean  *  Edwards  *  Gephardt 
*  Graham  *  Kerry  *  Kucinich  *  Sharpton 

While I have my favorite, I know I have to be aware of the positions of the others.  One of these people is going to get the nomination and run against Bush.  Whichever one it is, we need to know where they stand and be able to support them.

[Editor's note: While Senator Joe Lieberman did not respond to the MoveOn interview, he did submit a letter to MoveOn's 1.4 million members. MoveOn will be conducting an Internet primary from Tuesday, June 24th 12:00 am to Wednesday, June 25th 11:59 pm (Eastern time.) To participate in this historic event, register at]