Let's Spank the Texas GOP

Last week, I encouraged people to participate in a poll on the Republican Party of Texas's website. The poll question dated May 2, 2003 was:

Should the legislature take up congressional redistricting this year? I wrote then:

Please take the time to vote online. It takes less than 30 seconds.

What we're faced with here in Texas is an attack on Congressional Districts as they stand. By redrawing districts to the specifications of the right, the voice of large minority voting blocks will be effectively squelched. It'll discourage brown people by dividing their already weak voices.

This is a matter of effective representation and a sincere understanding of cultural voting patterns, not of partisan politics. Please defend my right to join with my community to select a person who adequately represents and understands my interests, without chopping up my neighborhood and dividing the power of my vote.

Unfortunately, sixty eight percent of respondents answered "Yes." And the Republicans moved forward with their plans, seemingly certain of victory. Who would have thought then that a week later the Killer Ds would surprise everyone by leaving the state to break quorum. Apparently it was the only way left for them to resist redistricting that would have effectively added four new Republican districts in Texas and reduced Austin's chances of ever electing its desired representative.

Now the GOPs are at it again, calling for the heads of the Killer Ds. Their latest survey would be hilarious, if it weren't 100% serious:

What should be the punishment for Texas Democrat House members who staged a walkout and shut down state government?

  • Un-elect them in 2004
  • Thrown in jail by the Department of Public Safety
  • Spanked and sent to their rooms for their childish antics

Given these choices, guess which choice most Texas Republicans are choosing? If you have a second, go place a vote for corporal punishment, then once we make that the clear winner, we can tell everyone how ridiculous the Texas GOP is, in case they don't already know.