A Response To Reader's Feedback
From: "Jeffrey"
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 22:43:12 -0400
To: feedback@testpattern.org
Subject: Get a grip

You claim that our soldiers can't fire on a buidling because we know there are journalists there. My question is this. If I go into a house and start shooting at the neighbors from the front window, how long do you think it will be before the police shoot me, even if there are other, innocent people in the house with me?

Get a grip. The war is justified. 80% of the US support it. Many of those who don't, don't believe that war is ever justified, which isn't a reasonable position. If you don't believe that, simply answer this question. If I put a gun to your head, and say, give me all your cash or I'll kill you, what will you do? Most likely you would give me the money. Now, what if this happens every day? Eventually you will get your own gun and use it to defend yourself. Otherwise, you will get someone else to defend you (police, etc). The mere persents of a police officer might be enough to get me to think twice about using my gun again. But maybe I just don't care and want to take my chances. If that officer isn't willing to use his gun, he is powerless and there is NOTHING to stop me from using my gun to steal from you every single day. You could try "diplomacy" and ask me nicely to leave you alone, but what if I won't listen to reason? Sometimes war is necessary.

Like I said, get a grip.


Pardon me, but at what point do we push someone to want to put a gun to our head?

Could it be the current U.S. government forcing other people of diverse cultures to adhere to Christian beliefs that legitimize greed, torture and other perverse cruelties...

I didn't feel the metal of Saddam's gun on my temples... Did you?

I mean, really. There's enough proof that this dictator, appointed and anointed by the U.S., lacks humanity, and that he hadn't the ability and weapons to strike U.S. soil. But the meaning behind the far-fangled polls showing Americans' support for war is nonsense.

YOU get a grip!

I sense you are the victim of the bushy "fear factor." This is the latest reality show, LIVE (but carefully edited for a "G" rating) and full of jingoism, baby.

How many times did the White House change its reasons for this invasion of another country? Count them:

1. To destroy weapons of mass destruction. Findings: 0
2. To topple Saddam and cut off his connection with Bin Laden and his terror network: The average reader knows that Bin Laden called Saddam an Infidel. (Look up Infidel.) Saddam is not a fundamentalist Muslim. (Yet G.W. is a self-proclaimed Fundamentalist Christian, a soldier of god, he believes.). But Saddam has every reason to convert to fundamentalism now that the U.S. has plundered and destroyed his country, its art, values, and many innocent people's lives who also despised Saddam.
3. To liberate Iraqis. (From what? The new U.S. occupation of Iraq, perhaps?)

Meanwhile, in keeping with the shameless corruption from the White House, Halliburton, for which U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney was CEO, is offered Iraq's oil fields, without a bidding process giving other interested parties a chance to profit from Iraq's oil fields. (Besides, why be bothered with those pesky minority-owned businesses right now?)

Qualify your nonsense first before throwing popular media histrionics at the innocent AND to those working hard to be informed.

When Hitler made up claims that his country was being attacked, just to support his terror, heartfelt yet ignorant Germans screamed "revenge." What a recent familiar ring it has... Tragically, I sense it resonates comfortably with many ignorant and fearful people in this country.