I, like many others, send mail regularly. It seems anymore that the only stamps available are ones featuring Old Glory. I don't dare ask for any others, but I have made it a habit of pasting the stamps on upside down. As many of you may know, the upside-down US flag is to be displayed only in times of dire distress. I think it is appropriate, since it is now somehow acceptable to declare someone a traitor for not just simply speaking his or her mind, but by speaking the truth. Dire distress indeed. I know people who have served and fought for this country, many of whom have known and even watched people die in the same pursuit. And while I am a pacifist, I do not dishonor or disrespect what they do. I only hope that the rights they fought to preserve are not entirely taken away by those who claim to want to preserve them, because if not, the battles fought for them before will seem like schoolyard scuffles in comparison. I have seen a comparison of the current situation to that of a frog in a pot of boiling water. Throw the frog in while the water boils, it will react and try to escape immediately. Put the frog in cold water and turn on the heat, and he might not realize what is happening until it is too late.